Kid Friendly Streaming App
Role: UXUI, Research & User Testing
The Directv Kids App makes it fun and easy for kids to enjoy their favorite shows on mobile devices. It streams all the kid-friendly movies and shows from the networks that customers are already subscribed to, at no extra change. I’m proud to have been on the development team.
Design Challenge
We had to create a simple UI for tiny hands to navigate. Page depth would nest no more than 3 times. And all content would be curated to assurae age appropriate programming. With these prerequisites I set out with my team to layout a basic framework. 
Discovery, Research...
Over a seven day research period, we split up and reached out to the kid's in our lives - whether in our family or in a friend's. We explored what games they play to the clothing they like, and even what type of candy was their favorite. This all contributed to the app’s overall creative direction.
...And Development
To keep the interface fun and engaging, we developed a filter functionality we called “Bubbles”. When the user taps Browse, five individual genres appear in their own bubbles. You can drag genre bubbles together to create a specific search, then tap this new bigger bubble to generate a list of that filtered programming. (And yes, all genre bubbles can be dragged into one giant bubble!)
App Store Feedback that Made My Day
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