Hi! I'm Antonio Jimenez.
It's Great to See You :)
I'm a Senior Interactive Art Director and Fadeproof is my digital design playground. Whether it's creating highly engaging marketing mini sites or designing juicy graphics for social media campaigns that get noticed - you'll find me constantly leading the creative charge. For all of my latest illustrations and animations, please check out my Instagram account.
Questions? Comments? Want to say hello? Please get in touch!
Thank you!
Specializing In
Art Direction  .  Ceros Design  .  Adobe Creative Suite  .  Illustration  .  2D Animation  .  Storyboarding  .  Social Media Strategy + Content  .  UXUI Design  .  Concept Development
Brands I've Worked With
Activision  .  AMD Ryzen  .  Apple  .  Aruba Instant On  .  AT&T  .  Canon  .  Comcast  .  DJI  .  Fujifilm  .  Google  .  Hollyland  .  Innit  .  Intel  .  LaCie  .  Leica  .  LG  .  Microsoft  .  MTV  .  Nikon  .  Oculus  .  Olympus  .  Panasonic  .  RED Digital Cinema  .  SanDisk  .  Samsung  .  Sennheiser  .  Sony  .  Toys R Us  .  Western Digital
"AJ is a mentch. He is always there to make sure his work gets over the bridge. If anybody gets stuck with any of his work, he follows up and make sure the product gets implemented successfully."
- Joel, B&H Photo